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Our WordPress website audit service evaluates your website's performance, security, functionality, and overall health. Additionally, we help website owners and businesses identify areas for improvement. Moreover, we optimise the WordPress website's performance and ensure it aligns with best practices, industry standards, and safety regulations.

  Wordpress Website Audit Service       

By choosing Dev-WP’s WordPress audit service, you benefit from our WordPress expertise, customised solutions, compliance knowledge, and ongoing support. Additionally, our expert team methodically works through your website back-end, analyses, and optimises the performance of your cookies, SEO, and general website performance. This allows you to focus on your core business while ensuring an effective online presence. Our WordPress website audit service offers actionable insights and recommendations, empowering you to enhance your WordPress website's overall effectiveness and success.

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Why Invest In WordPress Performance Audit Services?

Investing in our WordPress Audit Service proactively ensures your website provides an exceptional user experience and aligns with the requirements of Google, Bing, and other search engines. Here are key reasons why people use our WordPress audits:

Firstly, our website audit experts can help optimise the user experience of your website through a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects such as design, navigation, content presentation, and overall functionality.

Secondly, search engines consider website elements such as technical performance, internal linking, and speed as ranking factors. Consequently, one of our WordPress performance audits identifies these issues. Thus, we improve the technical score and loading times, leading to better search engine rankings and increased visibility in search results.

Additionally, our website audits can reduce bounce rates through an examination of various elements that may contribute to users leaving the site quickly. Specifically, we assess factors such as page load times, content relevance, and overall user experience to identify and address issues causing high bounce rates. The goal is to optimise the website to engage visitors effectively and encourage them to explore more pages, ultimately reducing bounce rates.

A website audit enhances conversion rates by analysing various elements impacting user interactions and conversions. Specifically, we evaluate the effectiveness of call-to-action buttons, form usability, overall user experience, and the clarity of messaging. Consequently, we identify and address any obstacles that hinder the conversion process. Ultimately, this optimises the website to better convert visitors into customers or leads.

Our website audits ensure mobile friendliness by examining a website's design, structure, and content. As such, this process ensures optimal performance and user experience on mobile devices. We assess responsiveness, mobile navigation, and other factors to guarantee the website is user-friendly and visually appealing across various mobile platforms.

A website audit can enhance the cost-effectiveness of running your website. As such, a comprehensive evaluation of the structure, functionality, and performance identifies areas for improved efficiency. This can reduce unnecessary expenses and optimise resources. Additionally, optimising your website's performance can lower server and bandwidth costs, as quicker loading times require fewer resources.

As your website grows and receives more traffic, a well-optimised site will handle increased loads better. Our website audits assess the future scalability of your website's architecture, technologies, and capabilities. As such, this helps determine its potential for accommodating growth and expansion.

A website audit for technical issues examines the website's underlying components. Consequently, we uncover and address potential problems. Additionally, our WordPress performance audits identify issues such as out-of-date plugins, unnecessary scripts, and compatibility problems. Therefore, you can address them effectively.

Finally, a fast and efficient website positively contributes to your overall online success through increased engagement, conversions, and revenue generation.

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WordPress Website Audit Service Areas

When we action a WordPress website audit, we will look at the following areas and update as necessary:

WordPress Cookie Audits

When carrying out a WordPress cookie audit, our experts will conduct a thorough review of the website's use of cookies to ensure compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This involves examining the types of cookies that are being used, their purpose, and whether the website provides adequate cookie notices and consent mechanisms for visitors to your website.

WordPress SEO Audits

Our WordPress SEO Audits will assess various elements that impact your website's search engine performance, including visibility and ranking.

    Keyword Analysis: Identifying relevant keywords for the website's content and ensuring they are appropriately used onsite.
    Meta Tags: Review and optimise meta titles and descriptions to improve click-through rates
    Content Quality: Evaluate the quality, relevance, and uniqueness of the website's content.
    Site Structure: Assessing the website's navigation and structure for user-friendliness and crawlability by search engines.
    Broken Links and Errors: Identify and rectify broken links, 404 errors, and other technical issues that may affect user experience.
    Backlinks: Examine the quality and quantity of incoming links to the website, which can influence a website’s authority and ranking.

WordPress Performance Audits

We carry out WordPress performance audit that focus on enhancing the website's speed, responsiveness, and overall user experience.

    Page Loading Speed: Evaluate the time it takes for pages to load.
    Optimisation: Update image settings, scripts, and other elements for faster loading.
    Mobile Responsiveness: Check how well the website functions on different devices, particularly mobile phones and tablets.
    Caching and Compression: Caching and compression recommendations to improve loading times.

WordPress Plugin Audits

Our WordPress Plugin Audits thoroughly examines and assesses the plugins installed and active on a WordPress website.

    Review of Installed Plugins: Firstly, we will identify all the active and inactive plugins installed on the website.
    Plugin Purpose and Functionality: Next, evaluate each plugin's purpose and functionality are to determine whether it is essential and identify any redundant or unnecessary plugins.
    Plugin Compatibility: The compatibility of each plugin with the current version of WordPress and with other plugins is assessed, preventing conflicts and issues on the website.
    Plugin Updates: The audit checks whether all plugins are updated to their latest versions.
    Security Assessment: Review plugin's security history and potential vulnerabilities.
    Plugin Performance: The impact of plugins on the website's loading speed and performance is evaluated.
    Plugin Configurations: The audit assesses whether plugins are configured optimally and in line with best practices.
    Alternative Solutions: Additionally, If any plugins are found to be problematic or no longer suitable, we can advise on alternative solutions.
    Risk Mitigation: Additionally, If any high-risk or vulnerable plugins are discovered, recommendations for mitigation or replacement are provided to ensure the website's security is not compromised.

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