Case Study: Organic Carbon

Organic Carbon wanted to sell carbon credits online and required a well-designed website that provided a seamless user experience and dynamic pricing calculations.

Project Overview

The Brief

The website had to be built with a user-friendly interface that provided clear information about the carbon credit process, including how the credits are verified and the benefits of offsetting carbon emissions. By providing detailed information and easy-to-use tools, businesses would then be able to engage customers and increase their sales of carbon credits.

The Solution

Our services led to a range of benefits for the client such as:

- Intuitive carbon credit calculator.
- User-friendly interface that provides clear information about the carbon credit process.
- Improved CVR% and increased their sales of carbon credits.

Project Features

Check out some of the features we built for this project

eCommerce functionality

The website needed to allow customers to make a purchase through custom eCommerce functionality. This enabled the businesses to tailor their online experience to their specific needs and unique brand identity.

Compliant payment gateways

Creating a business compliant payment gateways was crucial for the businesses to ensure they were adhering to regulatory requirements. Custom payment gateways enabled WRM to tailor the payment process to their specific needs, branding, and industry standards.

Custom Website Designs

The website would need to incorporate an intuitive carbon credit calculator that allows users to select their required amount of credits, calculate the price. The customisation also involved creating personalised product pages, unique shopping cart experiences, and specialised checkout processes.

Webite Visuals

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