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Our WordPress website backup service is designed to safeguard the content, data, and functionality of a website created using the WordPress platform.

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By choosing Dev-WP’s WordPress backup service, you can benefit from our security expertise, regular backups taken and a quick restoration should there be any issues with your website. Our WordPress website backup experts are well-equipped to offer you the best WordPress backup service.

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A full backup of the WordPress site involves creating copies of your website's files, databases, and other important components and storing them in a secure location online. This practice ensures that in the event of a website malfunction, data loss, hacking, or any unforeseen issue, you have a recent version of your website available to restore the website to a previous working state.

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Why Invest In WordPress Website Backup Services?

A WordPress website backup service is a crucial component of maintaining a WordPress site's integrity and ensuring that your hard work and valuable content remain safe from potential issues. It provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable backup plan in place to restore your website swiftly in case of any unexpected issues. Here are some key reasons to consider taking a full backup of WordPress sites through our service:

Having a backup service ensures that you can restore your website to a previous functioning state and prevent data loss.

Hackers and malware attacks are prevalent threats online. If your website gets compromised, having a backup allows you to revert to a clean version of your site.

Losing your WordPress website content can be demoralising. With backups, you protect the hard work you've invested in your site.

Our WordPress backup service enables swift recovery, ensuring your site remains accessible to visitors and customers.

Sometimes, updates to WordPress core, themes, or plugins can lead to compatibility issues or site errors. If you have a backup, you can confidently experiment with updates, knowing you can easily restore if something goes wrong.

For e-commerce sites, any disruption can lead to loss of sales and customers. With regular backups, you can quickly recover and keep your online business running smoothly.

Accidental changes to code, configurations, or design elements can be rectified by reverting to a backup.

Depending on your website's purpose, you may have legal or compliance obligations to maintain data and user information. Backups ensure you can adhere to these requirements at all times.

You can focus on improving your site instead of worrying about what might go wrong.

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WordPress Backup Service

When using our WordPress website backup service, we can help you effectively backup, store and restore a full version of your website, or individual elements - depending on the issue that you have. A WordPress website backup service typically offers the following features:

Automated Backups

This service allows for automatically scheduled and regular backups of your website, so you don't have to remember to do it manually.

Full Backups

We create comprehensive backups that include all your websites website files, images, themes, plugins, and the database to enables you to restore your website to its complete state, when needed.

Incremental Backups

If you only back up any changes made since the last backup, we can do this as it will reduce the storage space required for backups and speed up the process.

Off-Site Storage

Our backups are stored in secure off-site locations, which provides an extra layer of protection against server failures or hacking.

One-Click Restoration

If your website encounters issues, we can easily restore it to its previous state with just a few clicks.

Various Versions

We will keep multiple backups of your website, allowing you to choose which specific backup you want to restore.

Security Measures

Our Wordpress backup service include encryption and other security measures to ensure that your backup data remains confidential and protected.

Migration and Cloning

Our WordPress backup services allow you to migrate your website to a different hosting provider or clone it for testing purposes.

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