Discover the New Features of WordPress 6.5 “Regina”

Discover the New Features of WordPress 6.5 “Regina”

The latest update from WordPress, version 6.5, named "Regina" in honor of jazz violinist Regina Carter, brings a suite of new features designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of the platform. This update focuses on improving the block editor, introducing a new image format, and streamlining design capabilities.

Here’s what you need to know about WordPress 6.5.

Improved Block Editor Capabilities

WordPress 6.5 has made significant enhancements to the Block Editor, including the ability to rename almost all types of blocks. This feature simplifies the management of complex layouts, allowing for better organization and navigation through content. For more details, you can visit the official WordPress 6.5 release notes.

Advanced Image Format Support with AVIF

Continuing its commitment to high-quality visual content, WordPress 6.5 now supports AVIF images, a next-generation image format known for its excellent compression without sacrificing quality. This addition means websites can now load high-quality images faster, improving performance and user experience. Learn more about AVIF on the official WordPress update page.

New Font Library for Easier Typography Management

The introduction of the Font Library in WordPress 6.5 eliminates the need for additional typography plugins. Users can now manage fonts directly within the WordPress interface, making it easier to change typography across their sites. This feature enhances the design process significantly. Detailed information can be found in the WordPress Editor documentation.

Performance and Accessibility Improvements

Over 110 performance updates have been implemented in WordPress 6.5, aimed at speeding up both the Post Editor and Site Editor, making site management more efficient. Additionally, this update brings numerous accessibility enhancements, ensuring that WordPress remains accessible to all users.

Enhanced Developer Tools

For developers, WordPress 6.5 introduces APIs like the Interactivity API and Block Bindings API, which enable the creation of more dynamic and engaging web elements. Additionally, the update simplifies the management of plugin dependencies, enhancing the overall development process. These updates are geared towards making WordPress a more robust platform for developing interactive and user-friendly websites. More details are available on the WordPress developer blog.


WordPress 6.5 "Regina" is a testament to the platform's ongoing evolution, offering tools and features that meet the needs of its global user base. Whether you're a content creator, site administrator, or developer, the new features enhance the efficiency and creativity possible with WordPress. Embrace the capabilities of WordPress 6.5 and elevate your website projects to new heights.

WordPress continues to be a leader in content management, providing innovative features that anticipate and meet the needs of users worldwide. With each update, it cements its role as an essential tool for digital creators.


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